It’s getting hot (and humid) in here…



Summer has arrived, and not just because Memorial Day is upon us . It’s here because we have had temperatures in the 80s every day, and the humidity isn’t much better. 

This is also the time when we see clients going on vacation and leaving the A/C off, or worse, leaving their windows open. Now, we get it–you aren’t home, so why pay for air conditioning when no one is there. Well, someone is home–your PETS! 

While animals that live outside may adapt to hot temperatures, especially if they have proper shade, ice water, and a cooling mat, inside pets, especially young and old pets, don’t adapt so well. 

One thing that seems to get little notice is humidity. Humidity–amount of moisture in the atmosphere–can effect a pet’s ability to cool down. As your pet pants, moisture leaves the lungs and takes the heat away, thus cooling them down. But if the air is too humid, panting becomes inefficient. If you leave your windows open, it’s imperative that you check the humidity first. Ideally, your house should be at 60% or below. My house is generally at about 45%–a number that seems perfect for my pets and me! If you don’t have a way to keep track of indoor (and outdoor!) humidity, an affordable device like the ‘La Crosse 308-1425B-INT Wireless Color Weather Station’ is a great option. 

This can be a rough time of year for pets, but with some planning, the dog days of summer can be as enjoyable for our critters as they are for us!