Relationships Mean Everything

When I arrived at my favorite ‘mom and pop’ coffee shop this week, my coffee was poured before I had time to order. They know me there–they even know my routine. When I came early one morning, I was greeted with surprise. “You never come at this hour”, declared the staff. 

I had similar experiences as I went to the small pet supply store down the street from me, when I made a deposit at my local credit union, and even when I stopped for a quesadilla at my favorite restaurant. I know these businesses, and more importantly, they know ME. They can tell when I am having a rough day (and not just because my hair is messy and there is dried cat food on my shirt), and they know what I like, what my interests are, and what I do for a living. 
All of that got me thinking about what we do at Lucy’s Friends. We love our clients, both human and animal. We KNOW them. We can tell when one of the animals in our care isn’t feeling great, and not just because we see medication near their food dish. We know because we know their personalities, their habits, and their expressions. We know our human clients, too. We can tell when you ran out the door in a hurry and forgot to do something you normally do–like take out the garbage or even lock the door. We quietly take the trash out and maybe leave an extra nice note when we go. We share in our clients’ joys (new baby, new pet, graduation, marriage…) and of course, their heartbreak. We have sat with clients at the vet when they put a beloved pet down, we have gone to funerals, we have grieved with our clients when a marriage ended, someone had to move away, or sad medical news was received. We have watched animals in our care grow from rambunctious puppies and daredevil kittens into slow moving, special needs seniors. 
This is what we do. We love it and think it’s the only way to do our job. So, while we can never compete with the big guys like Wag or Rover when it comes to large staffing and high tech apps, we think the way we do business is the best way. Relationships are the foundation of Lucy’s Friends Pet Sitting, LLC. Relationships take time to cultivate; they don’t move at the speed of technology and are difficult if a new sitter is booked each time you need one. It’s a slow way to do things, but we think it’s what makes us special. 


  1. The relationship you have with your clients and their pets is amazing. This is a beautifully written article. Your clients are very lucky to have you in their life. Big companies cannot compare to the love you offer.

  2. thank you for the article.

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