Why is professional pet sitting worth paying for?

A Google search for pet sitters yields many results, including one site that proudly announces, “The most caring sitters will pet sit for free.”
To be sure, there are many people who will watch your animals at no charge. But for those who DO charge, it has nothing to do with how much–or as implied here, how LITTLE–they care about animals.
Here’s why we, and other professional sitters, charge for our services:
1. Pet Sitting is what we DO. Most pro sitters pet sit full time (like all day, every day, 365 days a year). We don’t split our time between walking dogs and working full-time at an office. Pet sitting is how we pay our bills and care for own pets.
2. We invest in our business. Pro sitters have things that ‘hobby’ sitters generally do not–like insurance (in case your dog bites someone while on a walk, or your vase from your honeymoon 20 years ago gets smashed during a game of inside fetch on a snowy day). Those insurance policies are essential but expensive for us to have.
3. Professional affiliations. Most pro sitters are members of organizations like Pet Sitters International, and that also costs money every year.
4. We invest in ourselves. Pro sitters tend to have extra training and certificates that better prepare them for the care of your animals. All those extra classes, certifications, and seminars cost money.
5. We LOVE animals! It’s why we do what we do, and why we work so hard and stay up to date on the latest care, training methods, first aid and CPR protocols, and everything else we invest in our company.

Do the most caring people pet sit for free? Not always.


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  2. Love the write up! If you are going to become a pet owner, being able to adequately care for the animal at all the times it needs to be cared for is a very important part of being a responsible pet owner. In many cases, get a professional pet sitter can be a crucial part of fulfilling that obligation! So important to consider!

  3. Great article! We recently started a pet sitting company and while looking through other sites came across this article.

    Really appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain the value of hiring a professional dog sitter. People too often overlook the value of having a professional take care of their pet, and this article addresses that nicely. You hire a professional to take care of your home or car, so it is important to hire one to take care of your pet.

    Keep up the great work! Thanks!

    • April Mauney says:

      Thanks for reading! I am so happy you stopped by. Good luck with your business–I am here if you ever need anything. Just send a text or email!

  4. Good points, especially with the certifications. Yeah, some people don’t see certifications as a big deal but with alot of people, they recognize that it took time, effort and money invested in themselves to expand their knowledge on pet sitting. That means more to me than the person who spends time after their 8 hour shift doing it for free. Keep it up!

  5. Also, the general saying “you get what you pay for” applies to all professions, I think. Even pet sitting is subject to this.

    Keep it up!

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