The Fear Factor in Pet Sitting

So much advertising is based upon fear. Unless you spend a certain amount of money, something bad will happen.
This is no different in professional pet sitting. We see pet sitters constantly saying that hiring an uninsured, possibly untrained sitter will lead to disaster. That might happen, but likely it won’t. What is likely is that the kid down the street will come and do as you asked. Things will be fine. So, why pay the higher rates associated with a professional sitter?
Boutique-style services are truly what set us apart. We offer highly individualized care for your pets and home. We go the extra mile to make sure you and your pets are happy while you’re away. That level of undivided attention comes at a higher price than the kid down the street. But we find that most people like that care. They hire us not out of fear of what might happen if they don’t hire professionals, but rather, because of what WILL happen while we’re there.



  1. I just read through your entire blog and I found it quite informative. And yes you are right that pet sitting is important to enjoy your puppy when it’s done properly and safely. These are really essential and helpful information for the fear factor of pet sitting. Thanks.

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