Do cats need a visit every day?

We often get requests for cat visits every other day. We don’t do them, and the reasons why might surprise you:
·Socialization. There’s a myth that cats don’t need people; that they are independent and do fine when left alone for a day or two. We disagree. Most cats are incredibly social, and even ones that aren’t still enjoy the “company” that we offer.
·Safety. So many things can happen in a day, which is why we require at least one visit every calendar day. A cat might accidently get stuck somewhere, tip over their water bowl, the auto feeder might stop working, the cat could have a medical event… The list is incredibly long. Having a sitter come by daily can insure that all is going well.
·Security. Mail left in the box for two days, newspapers piling up in the driveway, no ‘signs of life’ in your home–these are things that a potential burglar looks for. Having your sitter come by daily means that mail and other deliveries are brought inside. Lights and blinds can be rotated. And because we never advertise with signage on our vehicles, no one will know that you are away and have hired a pet sitter.

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