About Us

 A message from Cooper:

I started Lucy’s Friends Pet Sitting, LLC at an interesting time in my life. I’d just decided to go back to college and get a degree in psychology; my plan was to be a Quaker minister. While attending Guilford College and doing an internship in pastoral ministry, I started pet sitting part time. It turned out to be a pretty great job!
I developed a passion for senior and special needs pets, and that became the focus of my company. I hold certificates in Certified Professional Pet Sitting and Certified Fear Free Pet Care and I continue my education in the areas of senior pet care and feline enrichment. 
In October 2021, I moved to Hilton Head Island and opened a 2nd Lucy’s Friends location. It has been a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding. Both locations focus on providing care to cats, senior pets, and pets with special needs. 
We believe in giving back to the community that sustains us; the entire staff at Lucy’s Friends volunteers with various non-profit organizations. We believe in animal rescue, and invest time and money in an effort to promote pet adoption. 
I love pet sitting, and I have poured everything into this business. I promise to love and care for your animals and home with the same level of dedication that I give my own family. 
Cooper Bailey, CPPS
Lucy’s Friends Pet Sitting LLC
 Who was Lucy?
Lucy was the red and white beagle that inspired our name.  She was very friendly, mischievous, and loving.  She welcomed everyone into our home–even the homeless beagles we fostered were loved by Lucy. She often shared her crate with the extra-scared foster dogs; they were able to relax due to Lucy’s sweet, gentle personality. Lucy was a special needs dog, and through learning to care for her, we became interested in caring for all types of special needs pets. We found our name and our passion through Lucy, and we were incredibly lucky to have her. Lucy crossed the bridge in November 2012. She was 11 years old.
Megan & Ellie, the LF Mascots
Megan joined our family in August of 2015. She was supposed to be a foster pup through Triangle Beagle Rescue, but that’s not quite how things worked out! She bonded with our other rescue beagle, Daniel, and they became the best of friends. Daniel died at the age of 14 in July 2019, leaving Megan devastated. She was so sad–no matter what we tried, she just would not perk up. Then we heard about Ellie. Ellie had been hit by a car and was recovering in the shelter; her owner could not be located, and so she was accepted into the Triangle Beagle Rescue program. We brought her home to meet Megan. It took some time–Ellie was about 2 years old and also mixed with Rat Terrier–her energy level was quite different from Megan’s previous best friend. But pretty soon, both girls were taking toys out of their basket for marathon sessions of tug-o-war, enjoying walks, naps, and playing. They can’t wait to start each day and play well into the night.
    • Lucy’s Friends Pet Sitting is a member of Pet Sitters International
    • Lucy’s Friends Pet Sitting is insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas
    • All of the sitters at Lucy’s Friends have passed a criminal background check
    • All of the sitters at Lucy’s Friends have been trained in pet first aid and CPR

  • Cooper Mauney is a PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter
  • Cooper Mauney is a Certified Fear Free Pet Sitter
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